They want to build a residential and commercial complex near the Lviv bus station

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The building will be equipped for offices and a mini-hotel or apartments. 

The proposal has already been considered at a meeting of the architectural and urban planning council of the LMR, the your city 

The territory on which they want to build a structure is located in the area of ​​Stryyska and Knyagina Olga streets, the projected city boundary. The development of this area is made up of manor houses and a large part of the garage-building cooperative. 

The territory provided for the complex. Image:

"In one of the parts of Stryyska Street there is a free area, on which there are several non-capital one-story buildings that have already been purchased. One of the phases of the development of this territory is the plot at the end of Sokilnytska Street, parallel to Stryyska Street, which borders on the townhouse complex on the south side. We had public hearings with the residents of the street, there is a dialogue, some amendments have already been made to the plan," said architect Yurii Stolyarov.

According to him, the construction of this new building will contribute to the process of forming this type of building, which will correspond in scale to the largest main street of Lviv. 

Currently, one side of the highway has one-story buildings, and the other - high-rise buildings. Image:

The construction project of the complex will be carried out by the developer company "Quorum". The new building is planned to have 4-8 floors. It will include a residential block, as well as commercial premises, in which they want to arrange offices, apartments or a mini-hotel.

Visualization of a residential and commercial complex. Source:

An underground parking lot for 20-25 cars, an open parking lot for 32 cars, and a guest parking lot for 6 cars were planned here. In addition, the artificial reservoir located on this territory should be increased. 

Commercial premises are planned to be located on the first and second floors, everything else is planned for apartments.

Visualization of a residential and commercial complex. Source:

According to the Youcontrol system, the Lviv company Quorum Partners is engaged in the construction of residential and non-residential premises, electrical installation and preparatory works. 

The ultimate beneficiaries are Julian Chaplinskyi and Lubomyra Bula, the director is Roman Bula.




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