The petition for renaming one of the streets of Kyiv in honor of the fighter "Da Vinci" gathered votes in an hour

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Actress Ada Rogovtseva suggests renaming Nimanska Street in Pechersk district of the city in honor of the late soldier Dmytro Kotsyubail "Da Vinci".

Electronic petition was registered on the website of the Kyiv City Council and within an hour she collected the required number of votes. Now it should be considered in the Kyiv City Council.

The author of the petition - Ada Rogovtseva - notes that Nimanska Street is named after the Niman River, which flows through the Kaliningrad region of Russia, and Russian toponyms should not exist in Ukrainian territory.

The actress suggests renaming Nimanska Street in honor of the legendary combatant of the 67th Separate Mechanized Brigade, head of the "Da Vinci Wolves" battalion Dmytro Kotsyubail "Da Vinci".

Photo: Open springs, Dmytro Kotsyubail's grave at Askoldova grave

Dmytro died in battle on March 7, 2023, defending Bakhmut from the Russian invaders. His body rests on Askold's grave - an eternal place of military glory. "Da Vinci" became the first volunteer who received the title of Hero of Ukraine during his lifetime.



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