A petition to restore a house damaged by a drone on Zhilyanska Street has garnered more than 2 signatures

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The day before, the mayor of the capital Vitaliy Klitschko announced that the historical building will be dismantled, because it is allegedly impossible to rebuild it.

The appeal, in which the valuable architectural object is still demanded to be restored, was registered by Semyon Shirochyn - in two days it received more than 2,5 thousand votes.

"On October 17, Russian terrorists damaged a residential building on Zhilyanska Street 116-A with a drone, as a result of which people died. The house of the merchant Yosyp Lev, which is an interesting example of the Kyiv brick style of the early XNUMXth century with Gothic elements, lost part of the residential section, but the rest remained. Using the left part of the house as a model, you can restore all the necessary details and restore the house," the explanation to the petition reads.

Screenshot from the website Petition.kyivcity.gov.ua

Its author demands not to destroy the damaged house, but to involve specialists to restore it in its original form. 

"We demand a careful attitude to Kyiv's architectural heritage," concluded Shirochyn. 

At the same time, Dmytro Perov is an activist informedthat restorers from Poland are ready to help rebuild the building free of charge.

Kyivans are outraged by Klitschko's intentions to demolish a damaged historic building without an expert opinion

By the way, a significant number of Kyivans were outraged by Klitschko's intentions to demolish the historic house of merchant Yosyp Lev, damaged by an Iranian drone, without expertise. After these words, a petition was created, which talks about the need to restore the building.

You can support the appeal here


Photo source on the main page: Facebook.com/Dmytro Perov



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