Norwegian company has created a super-powerful floating wind farm

The Norwegian company Wind Catching Systems has developed a new type of wind farm that will be able to provide more than 80 thousand homes with electricity.

This was reported by Design Boom.

Wind Catching Systems has unveiled a floating power plant at sea with several turbines, called Windcatcher.

Illustration: Wind Catching Systems

The design of a wind farm resembles a barbed wire mesh floating in the middle of the sea. This shape does not limit the energy output, as is the case with turbines with blades. The station will also have an autonomous maintenance system.

Illustration: Wind Catching Systems

According to the developers, Windcatcher will solve a number of problems that conventional turbines have. As a result, operating costs will be reduced, the area of power plants will be reduced, and electricity generation will increase by 2.5 times.

The company claims that five Windcatcher units can provide the same amount of electricity as 25 conventional turbines.

The size of the power plant compared to the Eiffel Tower. Illustration: Wind Catching Systems

The small size of the turbines is also beneficial because they are cheaper to manufacture and repair. For example, repairs can be handled by a team of specialists right on the platform, and the turbine does not need to be brought ashore in case of a breakdown, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

The first turbine is scheduled to be installed and tested in 2023 at a wind farm on the west coast of Norway.



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