Germany will provide funds to continue the restoration of historical gates and windows in Lviv

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The initiative will be co-financed by the Eberghard Schöck Foundation.

About this reports the LKP "Heritage Bureau" of the Department of Historical Environment Protection of the Lviv City Council.

The fund provided 15 euros to support the project of restoration of windows and gates as part of the co-financing program active in the city. This will allow the continuation of works on the restoration of historical objects throughout 000, and the share of co-financing of residents (that is 2022%) in the program remains unchanged.

"Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion of Muscovites, only critical infrastructure, protected expenses and the Armed Forces have been financed in Ukraine with budget funds. Despite the war, there is a great interest among the residents of the city in restoring the valuable elements of their houses, so we appealed to foreign foundations to help co-finance the program. And we sincerely thank you for the feedback of the Ebergard Shyok Foundation", said Pavlo Bogajchyk, director of the Spaschyna Bureau.

Image: Heritage Bureau in Lviv

In accordance with the terms of the program, in previous years 70% of the cost of gate restoration work was paid by the Lviv City Council through the coordinator of the LLP program "Heritage Bureau", and the rest of the funds were provided by residents. During the restoration of windows, co-financing was 60% - city funds, and 40% - residents, and in the case of replacing metal-plastic windows with wooden parts, it was 50% by 50%. This program rule remains unchanged.


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