Like mushrooms: unusual HUBY lamps were installed in a park in Gdynia, Poland 

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The lamps are powered by solar energy. 

About this reports the whiteMAD edition.

Lanterns installed on trees The mushroom-like HUBYs were made by the Mozi group, a team of architects, designers and artists who look to nature for inspiration when creating their own projects. 

Installation of HUBY lights, designed by Mozi Group, in Gdynia Park. Photo: whiteMAD

"The objects made by us, in addition to the main function of lighting the road, orient pedestrians walking through the Oxivière park on the way through the Lisopark - the route connecting the upper and lower parts of the Oxivière... The implementation of such changes in the public space increases the quality , accessibility and functionality of the renewed district of Gdynia," Mozi designers explain.

Thanks to the shape that resembles mushrooms, the authors of the lamps tried not to distort the park and at the same time create the necessary lighting for pedestrians. Photo: whiteMAD

HUBY lamps can automatically turn on by reacting to the light from nearby lamps. Photo: whiteMAD

Huby lamps are powered by photovoltaic elements, which allows you to place the object anywhere. Also, they automatically turn on as a result of responding to infrared radiation and light from nearby lamps.

The developers created the lamps specifically for Gdynia Park - their main goal was not to distort the nature of the area and not to harm the local flora and fauna.



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