Science Park, Lopanska embankment and Alekseevka city: in Kharkiv, a project for the restoration of the city was presented

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On September 19, as part of the investment forum "Kharkiv: Restart", which took place in Kyiv, Kharkiv development projects were presented.

Among the projects that are planned to be implemented are "Lopan embankment", which involves the creation of an open space for recreation and creativity, "Levada suburban station" with a modern transport hub and a shopping and entertainment cultural center, it is said in message city ​​council

"We are creating a new city ecosystem. We attract credit resources of the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Many projects relate to transport infrastructure. For example, the creation of a municipal taxi service using electric vehicles. We also plan to develop "green" energy. We already have experience in installing solar power plants." - said Mayor of Kharkiv Ihor Terekhov.

According to the chairman of the supervisory board of the Government Office for Attracting and Supporting Investments UkraineInvest Davyd Arahamia, three categories of investors can invest in Kharkiv. The first is the state, which will play a decisive role, the second is private investors, and the third is foreigners.

Terekhov told investors about the modern "city within a city" microdistrict on Oleksiivka, where the construction of new housing, offices and social facilities is planned. In addition, the mayor presented the "Science Park" project - an innovative mixed-use microdistrict, the reconstruction of the Station Square and the creation of a unique green zone in Zhuravlivskyi Hydropark.

Involvement of the Norman Foster Foundation

During the forum, co-head of the architecture and technology department of the Norman Foster Foundation, Alberto Sendoy, presented pilot projects for the restoration of Kharkiv.

He said that more than 120 working sessions were held to develop the concept of the Master Plan, in which more than 800 people participated. In addition, numerous surveys were conducted among Kharkiv residents. Taking into account all these developments, five pilot projects were developed.

  1. Restoration of the historical center of the city, in particular, the destroyed building of the regional administration.
  2. Using the potential of Kharkiv's four rivers, in particular with the creation of recreational areas and the construction of safe power lines.
  3. Ecological development of industrial giants, including taking into account the cyber potential of Kharkiv.
  4. Construction of modern multi-apartment buildings using energy-saving technologies. According to Alberto Sendoi, for this purpose, the possibility of launching the production of modular structures in Kharkiv is being considered.
  5. Modernization of the "Barabashovo" market and the creation of a science park there. It will be a multi-purpose area, in the design of which the Norman Foster Foundation involved a network of international partners.

More details about some of the projects.

Science park on the site of the Barabashovo market

Barabashov Market and the adjacent riverside areas will be transformed into a new, iconic, revolutionary mixed-use neighborhood designed to promote scientific and technological innovation. This is a promising project
will combine the innovative potential of science parks with the most modern approaches to the creation of microdistricts.

New residential neighborhoods will be created, multi-apartment buildings will be designed, which will contribute to the economic development of the city through innovative research and companies. The "Barabashova" market will remain in place, in a modernized and compact version. The presence and connection with universities is very important, as well as the design of green public spaces and buildings to promote the human neighborhood of the future.

The connection with the rest of the city will be ensured thanks to the strategic location of the quarter between the Barabashova metro station, the Saltivska tram line and the Kharkiv river.

"The approximate area will be 140 hectares with the potential for further growth. Thanks to the collaboration of unique local and international teams, Barabashov Science Quarter aims to become the flagship project for Kharkiv's new master plan: a new neighborhood in the heart of Kharkiv that
will position the city and the country at the forefront of innovation, technology and urban planning," the project description says.

Reconstruction of the suburban railway station "Levada"

Reconstruction project of Levada suburban train station. Screenshot from the presentation

The project is a modern complex that combines the functions of a transport hub and a shopping, entertainment and cultural center.

Suburban station buried in the ground will be connected on the same level with st. metro "Prospekt Gagarina", which will create convenient pedestrian connections for passengers of various types of transport. A connection with the Central bus station "Kharkiv" will be added to them.

From above, it is planned to create a complex of public function buildings that will combine cafes, restaurants, boutiques, shops, galleries, offices and a hotel
and will become a new center of culture and recreation of the city.

The project of a shopping center near the Central Station

The project of a shopping center near the Central Station. Screenshot from the presentation

The project is a modern shopping complex with two-level underground parking, which will be connected to the station building with the help of underground and above-ground pedestrian crossings, part of which is also proposed to be added to the shopping center.

The surrounding area, including part of the station square, will be reconstructed into a modern public space with a developed pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, green areas and recreation areas.

The estimated amount of investment for the implementation of the project will amount to 96 million dollars.

The project of reconstruction of the Lopan embankment and the creation of new pedestrian streets

The project of reconstruction of the Lopan embankment and the creation of new pedestrian streets. Screenshot from the presentation

The project was developed according to the concept of "more spaces for recreation and creativity". About 400 meters of promenade along the river will be added due to the reconstruction of the embankment. The Art Gallery building will be erected at the intersection of Poltavskyi Shlyach street and Lopanska embankment.

Pedestrian streets are provided with places with trees and flower beds, areas for sitting and walking. It's a new place for street food festivals,
art competitions and theater performances.

The Art Gallery building has three floors, which will allow young artists and sculptors to hold exhibitions.

The estimated amount of investment for the implementation of the project is 5 million dollars.

Alekseevka city

Project Alekseevka City. Screenshot from the presentation

The project was developed according to the "City within a city" concept. The new microdistrict will be built in Kharkiv and will consist of 16 residential blocks (queues), for which 3 kindergartens, a school, a stadium, office and retail premises, underground parking lots and surface parking lots are planned. All quarters will be connected by a developed bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

The area of ​​the land plot of the project is 22 hectares, the total number of residents is 10 thousand. The estimated amount of investments for the implementation of the project is 237,4
million dollars



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