"Nahabbud" on the roof of a high-rise building: an illegal superstructure was discovered in the center of Kyiv

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In the Holosiivskyi district of central Kyiv, another floor was added to the roof of a building without permission. The city authorities have turned to law enforcement to open a criminal investigation and are going to file a lawsuit. 

This was announced by Timur Tkachenko, Director of the Department of Urban Improvement of the Kyiv City State Administration.

Kyivblagoustrii inspectors found that no permits had been issued for the work at the address. The patrol police were also called to the scene, but access to the superstructure was blocked.

The Department has initiated a lawsuit. The institution will also demand the opening of criminal proceedings.
"For such actions, the offenders should be punished in court, because, in addition to disrupting the landscaping, the safety of the residents of the building on whose roof the illegal construction began is endangered," Tkachenko wrote.

Why is it dangerous?

The Soviet high-rise building was built in 1965, which means that its foundation, electrical system, and sewage system are not designed for additional loads. Architect Oleh Hrechukh talks about this in a commentary for the Evening Kyiv publication.

This also creates a problem for ventilation - the ventilation ducts of the apartments located on the floors below are now blocked and deprived of quality service.

In the worst-case scenario, the "shmygalka" may simply collapse, the architect predicts.



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