In Transcarpathia, they are going to create the most powerful salt production in Ukraine

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It should cover 100% of the need for technical salt and later - in the canteen.

About this reports the Viktor Mykyta, head of Zakarpattia Regional State Administration.

"Finally, we can inform you that on the territory of the Bushtyn community of Tyachiv district, work has started within the framework of the investment agreement with CATION INVEST LLC." We are talking about a case that will allow developing the Bushyn salt deposit and producing up to 150 tons of salt per month by the method of underground leaching through boreholes from the surface of the earth," the official explains.

They want to extract up to 150 tons of salt per month at the Bushyn salt deposit. Photo: Victor Nikita

After preliminary geological research, experts discovered a colossal salt layer, which starts from 35 to 500 meters. This will help to replace the temporarily closed state enterprise "Artemsil", which provided 100% of Ukraine's needs, but stopped work due to hostilities in the Donetsk region.

Currently, engineering work has already begun on the construction of an access road, marking of drilling sites, arrangement of places for workers, etc. Equipment for deep industrial drilling was also purchased.

The first mined salt is expected in 6 months. Photo: Victor Nikita

"According to experts, in 6 months we will have the first mined salt. The deposit will be able to provide 100% of Ukraine's need for technical salt, which will be supplied for road maintenance in the winter period. Now the country's need for technical salt is up to 450 tons per season," says Mykyta. 

In the future, they plan to launch the supply of table salt for the population.



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