Serhii Mironov, a tour guide and restorer of historical doors, died in the war

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The man went to the front as a volunteer to defend Ukraine from the invaders.

Sad news on November 17 informed Kindrat Darmograjenko.

"Today, all fans of walks in Kyiv bowed their heads with great sadness, looking at the first snow. After all, the terrible news about the death of Serhiy Mironov came with him. For most, he was known as vanishing_kyiv, or simply Vanish. My friend, thank you for showing me, telling me where I went and what I shared, for everything," the post reads.


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Sergey Mironov had his own blog, led tours of Kyiv, wrote books and restored old doors.

Kyiv City Council deputy Ksenia Semenova remembers:

"While restoring the door, he gathered around him a flock of indifferent residents of the entrances and his own followers. But he could not get along with the utility workers. How to restore the door without permission!".


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"Sergiy loved Kyiv, studied its details, history, sat in libraries for days, searching and comparing historical data, crawled through alleys in search of evidence of history, engaged in urban archeology and assembled it into one big puzzle of the Kyiv mosaic. I have never met a more passionate person. He sincerely shared all this with everyone who was willing on his walks, which lasted for 4-5 hours, because no one wanted to part ways and let Serhiy go", - this is how his friend Alyona Dienga describes the Hero.

Serhii Mironov went to defend Kyiv from the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russia, served in the 241 brigade of territorial defense of the capital. In November, during the fighting in Donbas, Serhiy, defending his brothers, received injuries from which he died in the hospital.



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