The first Ronald McDonald House in Ukraine will be built on the territory of Okhmatdyt: renderings

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The first Ronald McDonald House in Ukraine will be built on the territory of the Okhmatdyt National Hospital. It will become a second home for families of out-of-town children undergoing treatment.

A team worked on the concept of building reconstruction ZIKZAK Architects. Commissioning is planned for the third quarter of 2025. There is still the development of the project, examination, and after that - implementation. 

"We are aware of how significant the project is and worked to recreate the comfort of home for children and their families as much as possible. At the same time, a number of difficult points related to urban planning legislation were taken into account. Of course, we are honored to be involved in the creation of the Ronald McDonald House in Ukraine," says project manager Vasylyna Kosynska.

Renderings: ZikZak Architects

The total area of ​​the 5-story building will reach 3500 sq.m. Planning decisions are based on creating an atmosphere of home comfort, a friendly community of small patients, their families, staff and volunteers.

Common areas are designed for warm communication: the conference hall has a separate entrance and is surrounded by mobile partitions, which can be transformed if necessary and create a large common space with a kitchen-dining room.

The kitchen and dining room are designed as one large room, which will allow residents of the House to spend time together. The play area is visible from this area, so that adults can keep children in sight while preparing food.  

Renderings: ZikZak Architects

The planning includes 50 bedrooms with separate bathrooms, a lobby, a common kitchen and dining room, a conference hall, office space, a game room, a recreation area, a laundry room, and storage facilities.

On the underground floor there is a shelter for 197 people with a kitchen, a food storage room, a dressing room, bathrooms and showers, as well as a block of technical and storage rooms. The concept of the building takes into account the creation of a barrier-free environment for people with reduced mobility. A special comfortable floor has been designed to accommodate families with children with reduced mobility.

Renderings: ZikZak Architects

Team ZIKZAK Architects continued the philosophy of the object: "home outside the home", which unites people, gives hope, love and care, and through the design of the facade.

Thanks to its plasticity, used materials, similarity to the modern architecture of residential complexes, a unique image of a home emerges. In such a special environment, children will be able to find joy and playful inspiration, and families will be able to find warmth of communication.

Renderings: ZikZak Architects

The window niches are stylized as elements from the existing building and adapted to the modern style. The rhythm of the windows organizes the facades, and the bright multi-colored design of the slopes gives lightness and dynamics, adds playfulness and delicately sets the building apart from others.

The flat roof solution is due to the desire to use the roof as an additional area not only for placing technological equipment, but also for the possibility of creating an additional area for guests. The equipment of a picturesque terrace for relaxation is planned on the roof. 

Renderings: ZikZak Architects

An important element in the formation of the concept was compliance with the style of the buildings surrounding the object. The main color of the House continues the gamut of the existing building, adds sophistication to the entire architectural ensemble.

Pastel shades gently harmonize with the old facades of buildings and the view of the street. The rounded eaves repeat the shapes of the neighboring House for military families, and give the house softness of forms and make it elegant. The roundness of the eaves gently contrasts with the straight lines of the walls, creating a non-banal graphic harmony, symbolizing unity and responsive support.

Renderings: ZikZak Architects

The brickwork of the facade, thanks to the use of clinker tiles, contributes to the preservation of an authentic appearance. Various options for laying out bricks create multi-texture and relief of the building. This approach helps to fit the new building harmoniously into the context, and at the same time emphasize its modernity. 

Exterior lighting creates a special image of the house at night, highlights and emphasizes its forms, textures and details. Thoughtful lighting of the facade binds the ensemble of buildings and beautifies the surroundings, because the object is located on the corner of the streets and is dominant. 

Renderings: ZikZak Architects

During the reconstruction, the requirements regarding building height restrictions will be observed, the cozy square that exists on the territory of Okhmatdyt will be preserved, and the existing urban planning situation and legal norms will also be taken into account.

The first Ronald McDonald House in Ukraine on the territory of Okhmatdyt will look modern, organically fit into the context of the existing building and will be a cozy home for young patients of the hospital and their parents. It is a "home away from home" that unites people, gives hope, love and care.  


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