In the Rivne region, the building of the 100-year-old fire station was restored

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In the village of Dibrivka of the Veliko Omelyansk community, the building of the fire station, which was built by Czech immigrants in 1923, was restored.

On September 22, events were held to mark the 100th anniversary of the creation of the historical building of the fire station, reports The main department of the State Emergency Service in the Rivne region.

It is noted that the fire station was part of the Association of Voluntary Fire Protection (STRAŻ OGNIOWA OCHOTNICZA WE WSI DĄBROWCE).

At that time, there was a volunteer fire brigade in the village, which included 22 firefighters. An alarm signal - and within 10 minutes they were ready to go to extinguish the fire in neighboring villages within a radius of 5 km.

The source of income for the volunteer fire brigade was independent voluntary contributions. The cash balance amounted to approximately 400 zlotys per year. The base of the volunteer fire brigade had its own orchestra in the number of 11 people.
As of March 1, 1936, the team consisted of 33 people.
In 1939, with the seizure of power by the "Soviets", the voluntary fire brigade ceased its operation.

Photo: Main Department of the State Emergency Service in the Rivne region

Czech immigrants were invited by the Polish government to live on Ukrainian lands, which were part of the Second Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth at that time, and were engaged in agriculture.

The building of the fire station has been restored since the beginning of 2020, with the joint efforts of the rescuers of the Rivne Oblast State Emergency Service and the caring residents of Veliko Omelyansk village council.

During this time, external and internal construction works were carried out, major repairs were carried out, the historical authenticity of the building was restored and it was filled with fire equipment from the early 20s of the XX century.

The restored building of the fire station is a historical and cultural monument.



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