Dismantling of the Kyiv County Zemstvo building resumed on Reitarska Street

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In Kyiv, on the street Reitarska, 37 resumed the dismantling of the monument of history - the Building of the Kyiv County Zemstvo, 1913.

About this reports informed Dmytro Perov, deputy of the Department of Cultural Heritage Protection of the KMDA. According to him, the work was resumed despite the suspended card for the violation of landscaping and the open criminal proceedings.

"Another landmark is being dismantled in Kyiv. This time - the Building of the Kyiv County Zemstvo, 1913, a monument of history and architecture, str. Reitarska, 37 (entrance from Yar Valu). The work was resumed despite a suspended card for violation of landscaping and open criminal proceedings. I am waiting for the arrival of the police," he wrote on his Facebook.

Photo: Dmytro Perov

The building of the Kyiv County Zemstvo in 1913 is in the State Register of Immovable Monuments under No. 644-Kv. The house has a security agreement.

All works related to the house are carried out by "NEST" company. The company claims that the courtyard buildings of the property complex were recognized by order of the Ministry of Culture as having no historical, cultural or architectural value and are not recognized as architectural monuments and are not included in the list of monuments.

Visualizations of the building reconstruction project at 37 Reitarska Street. Visualizations provided by the NEST company

"The owner is carrying out restoration of the facade of the building on the street. Reitarska, 37, which is an architectural monument, and performs work on the revitalization of the yard space of the property complex." - the company says.



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