On Obolon Island, archaeologists found Old Slavic monuments

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On Obolonsky Island, where the construction of a recreation area with a multi-level parking lot, a park and an embankment began, archaeologists found monuments of Old Slavic times.

About this reports the Annabella Morina, head of the "Pochayna" NGO.

She notes that a Cossack cradle, a women's ornament with enamel from the III-VIII centuries, ceramics, coins and musket balls were found on the island.

These artifacts indicate that, most likely, an outpost or crossing was located here.

Photo: Annabella Morina

Photo: Annabella Morina

Despite the insistence of the employees of the Institute of Archaeology, no research was conducted before the construction of Obolon Island.

In accordance with the current legislative article 298 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on the prohibition against the destruction of cultural heritage, construction work must be stopped if historical artifacts were found on the site.

For their part, archaeologists assure that they will fight for the opportunity to conduct research on Obolon Island and will do everything possible to stop construction.



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