"Art against destruction": an art corner opened at 37 Reitarska Street

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An art corner dedicated to the protection and preservation of historical and cultural heritage was set up at Reitarska Street, 37, where the developer was demolishing an architectural monument.

About this reports informed Dmytro Perov, deputy director of the Department of Cultural Heritage Protection.

You can also bring your works to the art corner, for this you need to enter from Yaroslaviv Val Street, 36.

It should be noted that in order to stop the actions of the developer, activists organized round-the-clock shifts at the construction site at 37 Reitarska Street.

Photo: Dmytro Perov

It should be noted that MKIP made changes to the State Register of Immovable Monuments to preserve the historical building at 37 Reitarska Street in Kyiv. Yesterday, September 28, an order was signed confirming the monument status for the entire building together with the wing.

As a reminder, the NEST company is renovating two buildings at Reitarska 37 — a facade building from 1913 and an outbuilding from the 1890s. The wing has already begun to be demolished to build a new building.




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