The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York recognizes Arkhip Kuindzhi as a Ukrainian artist

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He also pointed out that the artist's museum in Mariupol was destroyed by Russians. 

This is what art historian Oksana Semenik tells us.

"You won't believe it, but there was also a second victory in one day. Archip Kuindzhi, a Ukrainian artist born in Mariupol, has finally been recognized as Ukrainian in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York," the post reads.

In addition, the popular cultural institution removed the reference to "an artist who is famous in both Russia and Ukraine." Instead, they added that it was the Russians who destroyed the artist's museum in Mariupol.

By the way, the painting is on permanent display, so tens of thousands of people will see the information. 

"I don't know what exactly they paid attention to: Twitter posts, tags, letters with biographies and explanations (literally how old he was, where he lived, what he painted - 11 days ago, on the artist's birthday, I decided to write them a detailed letter), or also the constant discussions among colleagues about it and articulation of the problem," Semenik reflects.

The day before, the Metropolitan Museum of Art renamed a painting by French artist Edgar Degas with Ukrainian dancers, which was mistakenly called Russian Dancers, to Dancers in Ukrainian Dress.



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