The mosaic panel "Ukrainian song" is planned to be restored

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The charity foundation "Maye tsna" has established a new owner of the building where the "Ukrainian Song" mosaic is located, and asked the management to inspect the mosaic. 

About this reports reported on Facebook of the charitable foundation.

"Our foundation was not just excited by the idea of ​​restoring the "Ukrainian Song" mosaic, but is also taking certain steps to make this event happen! The process always starts the same way — through bureaucracy. First, it was necessary to find out who is the new owner of the historic building on the street. Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, 26", they write in the post "It matters".

It should be noted that a tender for the purchase of a house was held on May 25. A mandatory condition was the conclusion of an agreement with the Department of Cultural Heritage Protection on the preservation of the "Ukrainian Song".

Photo: "It Matters" Foundation

The new owner of the building became "Zhytomyr Furniture Factory". The charitable foundation has already met with the company's lawyers and prepared an appeal to the top management to give them uninterrupted access to inspect the mosaic.

"If it is positive, the professionals will start the examination. It should be noted here that the team has been waiting for this chance since 2019. But the previous owner flatly refused to issue a permit. If the answer here too is negative, then... we will still not leave this case so easily!", the foundation emphasizes.

Note that the previous owner of the house on the street Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, 26, was FC Shakhtar. One of the biggest damages to the mosaic is the girl's face, which fell off due to rainfall.



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