Mobility and easy installation: YourForRest presents a new collection of minimalist indoor furniture

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The Ukrainian brand YourForRest presents the EasyStory mobile home furniture collection. 

"While working on its development, the company's designers did not aim to invent something extraordinary. EasyStory is a simple and clear interior story that gives a practical answer to the always relevant request of people regarding easy installation and transportation of their favorite furniture", says the company's team.

Photo: Serhiy Savchenko

During the creation of the collection, the designers studied the experience of the Italian designer Enzo Mari. His project Autoprogettazione pushed designers to turn again to the DIY (Do It Yourself) format, when the user is directly involved in the creation of a new design object.

The advantage of the EasyStory collection is the use of natural materials, concise forms, a clear design and a unique patented fastening system that does not require the use of nails and screws. These components allowed YourForRest designers to provide EasyStory owners with a new experience and the opportunity to feel like co-designers of the products.

Photo: Serhiy Savchenko

"EasyStory is a kind of game, thanks to which the user learns to look at the essence of design in a different way and as a result gets democratic, mobile and comfortable furniture," the company notes. 

The EasyStory collection consists of 6 items: the EasyBed, the EasyDesk, the EasyHanger, the EasySeat, the EasyTable and the EasyTray. Each item can be an addition to another Easy-, or act as a separate universal unit. It is delivered in a convenient bag for further transportation and has detailed instructions.  

Photo: Serhiy Savchenko

"For us, design is a discipline that helps to study and analyze social, cultural and even political processes. We cannot take an abstract idea and turn it into an object, each of our projects begins with our own observations, passions and conclusions.

Іthe impetus for creating the EasyStory collection was the unexpectedly changing rhythm and lifestyle of modern people. We used to live under the rules of lockdown, but now we have witnessed the migration crisis. Having experienced life scenarios on our own experience, we have developed a mobile, aesthetic and functional collection of furniture, which will be a convenient start for a new life, or an easy continuation of the old one in a new place," says the founder of YourForRest, Yuliya Korelska.

The EasyStory collection will be available from April 2023 online at site companies.

YourFoRest is a Ukrainian company engaged in the production of decorative wall panels, furniture and decor from natural wood. The team's priorities are: quality, use of only environmentally friendly materials, simple and convenient installation.



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