MKIP proposes to remove the monuments to Pushkin and Shchors from the register of monuments in order to start their dismantling

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The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy initiates the exclusion of monuments to Pushkin, Shchors and other Russian figures from the register of monuments in order to speed up their dismantling.

About this reports the press service of the Ministry of Culture.

"This will make it possible to speed up the cleaning of public space from markers of the communist totalitarian regime and Russian imperial policy. The next step is for local self-government bodies. They are the ones who should make the final decision on the dismantling and relocation of objects", - stressed the acting director. Rostislav Karandeev, Minister of Culture and Information Policy.

Shchors monument on Shevchenko Boulevard. Photo: Open sources

In particular, we are talking about the monument to Pushkin on Beresteysky Avenue, the monument to Shchors on T. Shevchenko Boulevard, the grave of Army General Vatutin in Mariinsky Park, the "Zheleznyakov" monitor on St. Electricians, a monument to the crew of the armored train "Taraschanets" in the square between Zaslonova and Yaltynskaya streets in Kyiv.

Part of the pedestal of the monument to Mykola Vatutin. Photo: Timur Tkachenko

We are also talking about monuments to Pushkin in Zhytomyr, Kharkiv and Odesa, to Prince Vorontsov in Odesa, to General Suvorov in Izmail, to Admiral Ushakov in Kherson, "Ukraine -to the liberators" in Uzhhorod, Memorial complex "Fighters of the revolution" in Luhansk.

This draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, after approval by other authorities, will be submitted to the Government for consideration.

The final decision on dismantling must be made by local self-government bodies.



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