The Ministry of Reconstruction has developed a guide for building shelters in kindergartens and schools

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The team of the Ministry of Reconstruction has developed a "Practical Guide to Designing Shelters in Preschool and General Secondary Education Institutions".

Press service of the Ministry of Reconstruction Said, that from November 1, new building regulations for civil defense buildings will enter into force.

The manual will help local self-government bodies as construction customers to understand the types of protective structures and their features.

Image: Ministry of Reconstruction

It contains systematized practical information on types of shelters, their comparative characteristics, a list of requirements for basic and additional premises, inclusiveness.

For educational institutions, it is recommended to use anti-radiation shelters, or dual-purpose buildings, because they are more convenient to operate and flexible enough from the point of view of planning. In addition, dual-purpose buildings can be used in peaceful life as well.

Image: Ministry of Reconstruction

The Manual states that such structures must protect against shock waves, debris penetration, hazardous chemical, radioactive, biological, poisonous substances, penetrating radiation and ionizing radiation, catastrophic flooding, high temperatures, and combustion products.

It also contains advice on spatial and volumetric planning, the minimum area per person according to age, the design of sanitary zones, the availability of emergency exits, and the placement of diesel power plants.

Image: Ministry of Reconstruction

Entrance groups, vestibules, stairs, ramps, platforms, premises, movement paths inside buildings or structures, elements of decoration and interior of protective structures must comply with the current requirements of the state building regulations of Ukraine, which relate to inclusiveness. Visual navigation systems should contain information about the assignments of premises, traffic routes.



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