"The mayor did not allow illegal construction." Erzin province near Hatay survived the earthquake without casualties

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The local mayor, Okkes Elmasoglu, supervised the development of the area.

About the mayor tells the daily Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet.

As a result of two earthquakes with a magnitude of 7,7 and 7,6, which shook Turkey and Syria, several cities of the countries were significantly affected. In particular, it is about the settlements of Hatay province. However, Erzin became the only district that survived the cataclysm without destroyed buildings and victims. 


Local media say that the guarantee of the integrity of Ezrin became its mayor Okkesh Elmasoglu. For years, the official controlled the development of the city and did not allow illegal constructions. 

Okkesh Elmasoglu himself told the media TV5 about this: "I did not allow illegal construction in any way. Sometimes they got angry and told me: "There is no right person in this country except you"... When I said: "I can't do anything", they answered me: "Are you the only truth in Turkey?».

By the way, the population of the district center of Erzin together with the surrounding villages is 41 people (according to the general census of 700). It is located 2019 kilometers from the affected province of Hatay.



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