Lviv startups recreated the ruined Hust castle in augmented reality

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Lviv startups Chameleon Age recreated the castle in Khust in Transcarpathia, which is currently in a state of ruins, using augmented reality technology.

According to write Zaxid.Net, researchers processed historical sources, a professional architect created its 3D model, and IT specialists recreated the appearance of the castle in a virtual plane. In the created application, a tour of the castle will be conducted by a virtual guide.

Illustration: Chameleon Age

The castle in AR was designed by Denys Komisar from Irpen. In the application, in addition to the appearance of the fortification, it will be possible to view the interior, the knight's hall. The tour will be accompanied by a guide - a real historical figure of the XNUMXth century, a general Giorgio Basta. He will tell the history of the building, its legends, architectural features.

Illustration: Chameleon Age

"We have created a virtual autonomous guide that you communicate with. You are in the role of engineer Cesare Porta, who came from Italy to inspect the castle. This Giorgio Basta meets you at the gate and gives you a tour. You can choose several variants of the non-linear plot. Anticipated interactive: it will be possible to fire a cannon, a crossbow, pick up a cube of salt," noted the founder of Chameleon Age Ihor Kovalyshyn.

Illustration: Chameleon Age

The application will be available on the Appstore and GooglePlay until the end of December.

The castle in Khust is a monument of national significance. A mighty fortress from the XNUMXth century. gradually decays and turns into a ruin. Despite the fact that only partially separate walls remain from it, it is a popular tourist location. The ruins of the Khust Castle are currently planned to be conserved, and later to be museumized and partially reconstructed.



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