"Meadows instead of lawns". In Kyiv, an experiment will be conducted with the refusal of mowing the grass

This year, Kyiv will try to use the European experience of biodiversity protection and will not mow the grass on 25 experimental plots.

About this reports the Oleksandr Vozny, head of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the KMDA.

This spring, several areas were identified in each district of the city, where municipal officials will plant ornamental meadows and use the approach of natural grass growth. It is about minimal mowing, and therefore not only saving resources, but also creating ideal conditions for the development and protection of biodiversity.

Photo: Open sources

"Decorative meadows and mowing restrictions on designated areas are a common practice in many European capitals, including London, Vienna, Berlin and others. An important advantage of these approaches is the provision of food (pollen and nectar) for pollinating insects - and this, in turn, contributes to the development of biodiversity," Oleksandr Vozniy notes.

25 decorative bows will be placed at traffic junctions, distribution lanes and areas along highways. Approximately the same number of plots will be allocated for the experiment outside the zone of active recreation.



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