Kyiv won the appeal for the return of the Bilichan forest to the ownership of the community

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The Sixth Court of Appeal of Kyiv satisfied the lawsuit in favor of the metropolitan community and returned 3 thousand hectares of Bilichan forest, which in 2021 was illegally appropriated by the village of Kotsyubynske in order to carry out construction there.

About this reports Said Ksenia Semenova, deputy of the Kyiv City Council. According to her, most likely, representatives of Kotsyubynskyi will file a cassation appeal against the decision of the appeals court.

We would like to remind you that the struggle for the Belychansky forest has been going on since 2008. According to the deputies of the Kotsyubynsky settlement council, the forest is within the boundaries of this settlement. The village council allowed the felling of trees and transferred part of the forest to private structures for development.

On October 20, 2021, the Buchansk District Council illegally made a decision to expand the boundaries of Kotsyubynskyi to 3 hectares at the expense of parts of the Bilichansk Forest, which has the status of a national park.

Subsequently, the Buchansk District Council again tried to take the forest from Kyiv and give it for development.

Also, the Department of Land Resources of the KMDA prepared and submitted to the Kyiv City Council a draft decision on the refusal to extend the lease of "Litoral" LLC, which has been leasing 94 hectares since 2008.



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