Kyiv residents ask authorities to build a pedestrian bridge over the railroad on the left bank of the city

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The petition was registered on the city council's website.

Thus, the author of the petition, Yevheniia Koroliova, asks the local authorities to build a pedestrian crossing over the railroad between Vifleiemska Street and Berezniakivska Street.

She argues that now Kyiv residents on foot have to cross from Sotsgorod to the Bereznyaki neighborhood to Berezniakivska Street via a car crossing over the railroad at Rusanivka station. But, according to her, it is inconvenient and dangerous.

First, citizens have to cross several unregulated pedestrian crossings across Sobornosti Avenue. Given the blackouts and the constant flow of cars, this poses certain risks to people's lives.

There are only stairs to get down from the avenue to Berezniaky, which means that parents with strollers and people with disabilities cannot use this road. In addition, it is inconvenient for cyclists and users of electric scooters.

The route through the railroad along the tracks (from Vifleymska Street to Rusanivka) is illogical for those heading to Berezniaky - they need to make a big circle and go through several unregulated crossings again.

Kyivska Rusanivska station. Photo: Ukrzaliznytsia

Most people heading from Sobornosti Avenue to Berezniaky walk across the railroad tracks in a place that is not equipped for this, because it is the easiest and shortest way.

"The issue can be resolved by building an ergonomic pedestrian crossing/pedestrian bridge over the railroad, which will not require crossing roads on unregulated crossings," the author of the petition notes.

At the time of publication of the news, more than 700 signatures had been collected. The issue needs 6,000 votes to be submitted to the Kyiv City Council for consideration.



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