Ukrainians are offered to choose which of the Ukrainians to replace the busts of Russian figures at the "Universityet" station

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In the "Kyiv Digital" application, a survey has begun on which Ukrainian figures to replace the existing busts at the "Universitet" metro station.

About this reports said in the message of the KMDA.

Instead of busts of Russian cultural figures, new busts will be installed at the metro station, selected based on the results of the vote and further processing of the decision of the expert working group.

The survey suggests replacing the busts of Pushkin, Lomonosov, Gorky, and Mendeleev, which will be covered by wooden boxes from 2022, with Ukrainian princes, teachers, writers, scientists, or actors. In particular, they propose to install the busts of Lesya Ukrainka, Vasyl Stus, Kostyantyn Ostrozky, Yaroslav Mudry, historian Agatangel Krymsky, or cinematographer Yuri Illenko.

Collage: "Digital Kyiv"

As the head of the digital transformation of Kyiv and the deputy head of the KMDA Petro Olenych reported, the voting will last until May 24.

You can vote in the "Electronic Democracy" - "Poll" section.




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