Kyiv residents demand to turn off the lighting of billboards during the period of stabilization of the power system - a petition

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Billboards not only do not contribute to saving energy, but also blind drivers. 

Corresponding appeal on October 25 registered Dmytro Boryk on the website of the Kyiv City Council.

"In order to save electricity and reduce the load on individual power stations in different districts of Kyiv, not only street lighting, but also traffic lights at complex intersections are periodically turned off. Along with this, for reasons incomprehensible to the average citizen, large electronic billboards or billboards with powerful floodlights shine in complete darkness," the explanation for the initiative reads. 

Its author notes that such lighting not only requires more electricity than energy-efficient road lights, but also blinds drivers and significantly increases the risk of accidents. 

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"Such lighting and light masking does not help, as advertising billboards are usually located along main roads and at the largest junctions (intersections, traffic junctions, etc.)," ​​concludes Boryk.

As of the time of publication of the news, 3308 signatures were collected under the petition.

You can support the appeal here.


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