Kyiv activists held a cleanup near Krauss's house

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The Pecherskie Kotyky NGO has brought back to life the last historic building on Mykilskyi Lane, the house of Andriy-Ferdinand Krauss.

This was reported on the official website of the volunteer movement.  

Thanks to activists, the modernist building, which was supposed to be demolished in 2021, was restored to the status of an architectural monument. 

Currently, the facade has been cleaned and the windows of the first level of the building have been covered with OSB boards. Also, a photo of the fallen soldier Andriy Teperik was placed on the facade as part of the "Memory Preserves Monuments" initiative.

"The memory of him will protect the monument and prevent each of us from forgetting the price of peaceful life," said Dmitry Perov, one of the initiators of the event. 

Perhaps this is an image of 4 people, outdoors and a brick wall

Activists edit a photo of a Ukrainian soldier. Photo: Pecherskie Kotyky

It is worth noting that the Andrzej-Ferdinand Krauss house in this neighborhood is a rare example of Rational Modern architecture. It was built in 1911-1912 by the Ukrainian architect after whom the building was named.

More than 5 years ago, this historic building was removed from the list of monuments by the developer's efforts. During this period, it has survived several unsuccessful demolition attempts.

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A special plaque was installed on the building, indicating the official status of the architectural monument. Photo: Pecherskie Kotyky

Currently, the status of an architectural monument in Kyiv has been restored. In the future, the building will be renovated. 



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