Residents of Kharkiv developed a project of underground bunkers with a homely atmosphere

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Kharkiv entrepreneurs launched a project to build autonomous underground bomb shelters "Shov".

"SHOV is an underground metal bunker with full equipment for a comfortable life, like at home, with the possibility of long-term autonomous living", - posted Oleksandr Chirva, one of the co-founders of the project.

Visualization: STORAGE - metal bunkers

Such an underground shelter is a reliably protected mini-house that is installed underground in the yard.

The bunker has two exits. The backup exit is located on the roof of the bedroom. The basic equipment includes a bathroom, a kitchen and a bedroom for three people.

Visualization: STORAGE - metal bunkers

Visualization: STORAGE - metal bunkers

Visualization: STORAGE - metal bunkers

The bunker is connected to the water supply network, sewage system, power grid and equipped with a ventilation system. The metal structure has a strong anti-corrosion coating and is insulated with mineral wool.

Photo: STORAGE - metal bunkers

SHOV is manufactured at a special factory. On it, the bunker is assembled and life support systems are tested, after which the bunker is sent to the customer and installed underground. The price starts from UAH 2.



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