What architectural projects did Russia lose due to the attack on Ukraine

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In response to the large-scale invasion of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine, a number of international architectural bureaus withdrew from the Russian market and stopped cooperation with the occupying country.

From now on, dozens of projects developed by foreign specialists will not be implemented there at all, or they will be built exclusively by Russian forces. 

Most of these buildings and complexes were planned to be created in Moscow, notes Meduza edition.

The Dutch architectural studio MVRDV became one of the first stopped cooperation with the Russian Federation The representative office of the company announced the suspension of 5 projects that connected it with the aggressor country. 

One of the most iconic works of the studio in Russia was to be the construction of the 19-story residential complex RED7 in Moscow. Its construction began in 2018 and was constantly under the clear leadership of foreign partners, however, after the exit of MVRDV from the Russian market, cooperation was put to an end.

According to the contractors, control over the construction process will continue will carry out Russian designers. Completion of this project was planned in 2022.

Inspection, analysis of the residential complex "RED7" — Legal company Silkin and Partners

The exterior of the residential building RED7 should have been like this. Visualization: MVRDV

Balconies and terraces. Visualization: MVRDV

The fate of the Moscow Central Telegraph is also in question. The building, erected in 1927, was awaiting renovation for the first time during the entire period of operation. 

To modernize its appearance, the British architect David Chipperfield, known for his work on recovery New Museum in Berlin, destroyed during the Second World War. 

By 2024, his office, David Chipperfield Architects, was to transform the telegraph into a mixed-use complex with retail, office and public spaces, underground parking and a rooftop observation deck. 

However, on March 2, Chipperfield condemned Russia's actions regarding the invasion of Ukraine and curtailed all activities on its territory. After that, the restoration project, which  should have started in the last quarter of 2021, transferred to the Russian bureau "APEX", which, by the way, has not yet presented the final version of the structure. 

This is how the Central Telegraph was supposed to look according to the concept of David Chipperfield. Visualization: David Chipperfield Architects

Before exiting the Russian market, Zaha Hadid Architects worked on several projects at once. Among them are the Moscow metro station "Klenovy Bulvar 2", the Sberbank technology park, the concert hall of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic and the renovation project of residential quarters in the Lomonosiv district.

From now on "Maple Boulevard 2" will build for another project. The responsibility will be taken by one of the Russian bureaus that applied for the tender for the construction of the station. However, who exactly and when will create a new project is unknown. Work on "Maple Boulevard 2" started at the end of 2021, but now there is only a pit.

The British Bureau won the competition for the shape of the metro station OFFICE NEWS

Entrance to the metro station "Klenovy Bulvar 2" designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Visualization: ZHA

Transitions between stations designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Visualization: ZHA

The interior of the metro station designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Visualization: ZHA

Likewise, projects from renovation of residential quarters in Lomonosiv district and construction concert hall Sverdlovsk Philharmonic from ZHA. In connection with the search for new designers, the terms of execution of both objects will be delayed.

The building of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic in Yekaterinburg was supposed to look like this. Visualization: ZHA

Philharmonic hall designed by Zaha Hadid Architects Visualization: ZHA

In addition to ZHA, a number of other foreign architectural studios, including LDA Design, won the competition for the best solution for the renovation of residential premises in Moscow. They created projects of residential quarters for two districts located in the capital of Russia. After the start of the war, the executive director of LDA Design, Mike Foster said that his team will no longer work in the Russian Federation on these or any other projects in the future.

The project of residential areas of the Academic and Donsky districts of Moscow by LDA Design. Visualization: LDA Design

The project of residential areas of the Academic and Donsky districts of Moscow by LDA Design. Visualization: LDA Design

An official statement on exit from the Russian market as well made public in UNStudio. Before the military invasion, the plans of the archbureau included the implementation of the construction project residential complex with vertical landscaping called K31, overhaul of the Primorsky embankment in Sochi. The Russians still plan to implement the latter project, but without consulting with former partners, and as for the first one, it will probably never be implemented.

This is how the embankment in Sochi was supposed to be according to the UNStudio project. Visualization: UNStudio

Architectural studio Herzog & de Meuron also announced its withdrawal from the market stressedthat cooperation with Russia currently contradicts their principles. According to the company's project, a residential complex was to be built on the site of the Badaevsky plant, but the work in cooperation with foreign partners ended at the stage of excavating the pit.

The Horizontal Skyscraper project from the Herzog & de Meuron studio, which was supposed to be built in Moscow. Image: Herzog & de Meuron

Norman Foster's Foster + Partners office is also among those who left Russia. His project for the Museum of Weapons in Yekaterinburg was supposed to be presented to the public in February, but the military attack changed the plans for cooperation with the Russian Federation. Instead, Foster started a partnership with Ukraine - entirely according to his project will rebuild Kharkiv after the victory in the war.



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