How one of the best architects in the world arranges shelters for Ukrainian refugees - photo

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Thanks to Siger Ban's decision, people currently living in refugee centers can have their own private space.

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban created a system of modular partitions for temporary shelters in Europe, where Ukrainians who fled their homes due to the Russian attack live.

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Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the system of paper partitions (PPS), which was developed by the architect, began to be used in shelters in Lviv, Poland and France.

Currently, solutions for arranging this structure are planned to be implemented in centers for refugees in Germany and Slovakia.

Paper partition systems by Shigeru Ban

One of the PPS structures at the station in Wrocław. Photo: Maciej Bujko

Refugee shelter for displaced Ukrainians

The system of paper constructions also began to be used in Paris. Photo:

The peculiarity of the paper partition system is that its installation does not require a lot of time and effort - creating one such space takes about 5 minutes. 

Shigeru Bana's paper partition system is under construction

Installation of one block takes about 5 minutes and requires three people. Photo:

The PPS structure itself consists of round paper tubes on which draped textiles are placed. In this way, partitions are formed that divide the space into several separate zones.

Shigeru Ban developed the paper partition system in 2011 as a simple solution to provide privacy in disaster evacuation centers. 

Refugee shelter for displaced Ukrainians

PPS provides privacy for people in the shelter by dividing a single space into many separate zones. Photo:

The development was first used in shelters after the earthquake in East Japan (2011). After that, this technology was used to equip cabins for vaccination against Covid-19, and now - temporary housing for refugees fleeing war.

The structure of Shigeru Bana's paper division system

This is what the frame of the structure looks like. Photo:

Currently, the construction of shelters with the PPS system is financed by the studio of the architect Shigeru Ban. The first installations were located in the Polish cities of Kholm and Wroclaw. 



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