"Ilyich, step up": architects created a project for the New Post branch in the Lenin Mausoleum

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PETROSSJAN Architecture Studio developed a project for the Nova Poshta branch #1924, which could be opened in the Lenin Mausoleum after Ukraine's victory in the war against Russia.

Plan project is freely available and may be useful for Nova Poshta in the near future.

"Our team took Shchusev's sketches as a basis (because this is a regime object of the Moscow regime, there are no plans in public access, and photo and video shooting inside is prohibited) to develop a plan for the mausoleum. Among ourselves, we are whispering about the heroic work of Ani Lorak, who provided us with the details of this building of a semi-religious nature," says PETROSSJAN Architecture Studio.

Visualization: Petrossjan Architecture Studio

The project includes the following updates: inclusive restrooms for visitors, comfortable ramps, parcel loading areas, staff rest room (with kitchen, changing rooms, shower and bathroom), fitting rooms for visitors.

Visualization: Petrossjan Architecture Studio

"Our primary task was to turn this basement into a modern business product," the studio shares.

The "highlight" will be the working area with a decorative linen in the middle and a green area above it. Free Wi-Fi and sockets for checking the serviceability of goods will also be equipped around the model of the "leader of the world revolution".

Visualization: Petrossjan Architecture Studio

The number 1924, the year of Lenin's death, was chosen for the branch number.



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