IKEA told Forbes when and under what conditions it plans to resume work in Ukraine

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The Swedish furniture manufacturer wants to return to the Ukrainian market "as soon as possible", but at the moment it does not name specific terms.

The first priority for the resumption of the offline store in Kyiv is the safety of employees and customers, Said IKEA to Forbes.

“We also need to adjust all operational processes to ensure the functionality of retail and online stores. At the moment, we cannot say when it will be," the company said.

Inter IKEA Group cooperates with six Ukrainian suppliers. After the full-scale Russian invasion, the company temporarily suspended supplies, but discussions are now underway on how it can support partners, including financially.

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Representatives of the Swedish retailer said that they continue to keep jobs for their Ukrainian employees and ensure their stable income. They can also get additional support through the assistance program with access to experts and advice on mental, physical and financial conditions. 

We remind you that IKEA completely out from the Russian market and sold four Russian plants it owned.

It is worth noting that the company has been trying to enter the Ukrainian market for 15 years. In 2020, she managed to launch online sales, and in 2021 - to open the first physical store in Kyiv. After February 24, the Swedish retailer suspended operations in Ukraine.



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