The chief architect of one of the Turkish complexes destroyed during the earthquake was detained 

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Mehmet Yashar Joshkun tried to withdraw a large sum of money and flee to Montenegro.

About this reports tells Berkhaber media.

Mehmet Yasar Joskun, one of the owners of the 250-apartment Rönesans Residence, which was destroyed in the Antakya earthquake, was caught at Istanbul airport while trying to flee abroad. 

As it became known, the chief architect of the project tried to withdraw a large amount of money before going to the airport to escape. Unsuccessful attempts to withdraw funds from their bank accounts aroused suspicion, so bank employees passed the information on to law enforcement agencies. 

The luxurious 12-story Rönesans Residence, which officially opened in 2012, was completely destroyed during the February 6 earthquake. Earlier, the developer stated that the complex was built on a safe foundation in accordance with the rules of construction in seismically dangerous areas. 



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