TECHIIA Holding has invested in the production of frameless facade glazing 

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Aestech has become a new asset in the TECHIIA holding.

The company develops high-strength double-glazed windows, which are the basis of frameless facade glazing technology. The company was created as a result of the acquisition of PIK Group, which has been manufacturing and installing large-area double-glazed windows for over 10 years.

Aestech holds international patents for the technology of high-strength double-glazed windows. Their load-bearing capacity is several times higher than that of standard insulating glass units, while minimizing optical distortion. There are no vertical or horizontal aluminum profiles, which ensures frameless glazing and allows for optimal use of the building area.

So with the help of Aestech, architects and developers will be able to implement any architectural solutions in the aesthetics of buildings and entire cities. Aestech production is located in western Ukraine. The plant is capable of producing 130 thousand m² on one line. м² of double-glazed windows per year.

The company is headed by Denys Vorobey, who has many years of experience in public and commercial management and a number of implemented infrastructure and international projects. 

Denis Vorobey, CEO of Aestech

Denis Vorobey: "Frameless glass facades are the future of the development industry that has already arrived. We offer our clients anywhere in the world a high-quality, innovative technology that will allow them to realize the most daring ideas of architects."

Yuriy Lazebnikov, Managing Partner of TECHIIA Holding

Yuriy Lazebnikov: "Aestech is a new business within the TECHIIA holding, but with the philosophy we are used to: offering technological solutions of Ukrainians to the global market. Innovative, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient construction technologies are needed today in every country that wants to create high-quality urban facilities, especially in Ukraine, which is facing a major recovery phase."

Holding TECHIIA created Aestech by acquiring the Ukrainian company PIK Group. Since 2011, the company has been developing innovative engineering solutions in translucent construction technologies based on high-strength double-glazed windows, as well as transom and post facade systems, dome systems, and suspended facades, which allows it to fulfill the most daring ideas of architects. "PIK Group has received numerous awards for the best solutions in glass structures for exterior and interior.



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