Finland plans to build a wall on the border with Russia 

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In addition, the number of border guards in the country will increase.

About this reports the Reuters.

The decision to strengthen the border was Finland's reaction to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory. The country's authorities fear that the Russian Federation may commit provocations with migrants, as Belarus did on the border with Poland in 2021.

"Later, the government will decide on the closure of critical areas on the eastern border based on the assessment of the Finnish border guard," Interior Minister Krista Mikkonen said in a statement.

The territory on the border between Finland and Russia. Photo: Reuters

The new amendments will allow the construction of not only barriers, such as walls, but also new roads to facilitate border patrols from the Finnish side. Currently, the 1300-kilometer border area between the two countries is covered with forest and marked only by signs and plastic lines.

We will remind you that the day before Finland and Sweden announced their accession to NATO due to the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

Earlier we reported that Poland built the first 50 kilometers of the wall on the border with Belarusto prevent illegal crossing between countries. Recently, the first damages were discovered on the five-meter structure from the Belarusian side.



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