"Democracy and Open Space". Ukrainian architects have designed a new city hall building for Mariupol

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The Ukrainian architectural firm NOVA - New Office of Vital Architecture - designed the new Mariupol City Hall as a proposal for the reconstruction of a city that was almost destroyed during the war. 

With this project, the architects aim to start a discussion about urban democracy and refer viewers to the history of ancient Greece. Since Mariupol is quite closely connected with Greek culture and it was Greece that founded democracy, the authors explain that they want to draw a parallel with the openness and accessibility of the future building.

In their opinion, the implementation of such a concept will allow relations between local governments and the public to be just that - open and transparent.

Image: New Office of Vital Architecture

The city hall project was developed by NOVA specifically for the competition back in 2019. Now it has been updated and, according to the architects, it has acquired "a new meaning, defining a new type of sustainability, order and justice in Mariupol."

"We believe that this project can be the first step in the public discussion of the reconstruction of the liberated Ukrainian Mariupol and will become its true heart."

The building consists of two spatial volumes connected by a large atrium. The concept of the "Mariupol order" is reinterpreted as an open-plan building that serves civil servants and prioritizes people's access to participate in city decisions. 

Image: New Office of Vital Architecture

Open space serves the public, unlike the labyrinths and dimly lit government buildings built in the last century. 

The city hall will have four floors: the first and second floors will house the general reception and the mayor's office. On the upper floors there will be lecture rooms and offices for office workers.

In particular, multifunctional halls for events will be arranged: weddings, banquets, business trainings, etc. A garden will be planted on the roof of the building, which will be open to all citizens.



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