British artist Sam Cox turned his house into a "Land of Drawings"

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12 rooms of the estate of the artist under the pseudonym Mr. Doodle were completely covered with his original paintings.

To paint every detail – from the ceiling and walls to the kitchen utensils – Sam Cox worked on the project for two years. It was his dream since childhood, write Designboom.

In 2019, the artist bought a house in southeast England worth $1,54 million. Later, together with friends and relatives, he turned it into a solid white canvas for future creativity. 

The bedroom of the estate. Photo: Mr. Doodle

Kitchen "Country of pictures". Some furniture will remain non-functional. Photo: Mr. Doodle

In October 2022, Mr. Doodle shared the results - he released a video showing the entire work process. The video consists of 1857 photos taken between September 2020 and September 2022.

To create the "Land of Pictures" the artist used 900 liters of white paint, 401 cans of black paint for lining the exterior walls, and 286 for interior painting.

The video demonstrates how almost everything is filled with original drawings. Bedding, household items, computer and clothes - in conclusion, there is no surface left that would not be filled.

Bath. There is not a single unpainted place in the house. Photo: Mr. Doodle

The artist spent two years on the project. Photo: Mr. Doodle

Sam Cox had a knack for drawing since childhood. The development of his creativity began with the painting of furniture and walls in his parents' apartment. Later, the British artist created his own visual style - Doodle World. 

In 2015, Sam Cox gained widespread popularity thanks to the creation of the pop-up online store Appear Hear, which he transformed into a large installation of doodle art works.



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