"Safe Space. Concept for the reconstruction of a Kharkiv school destroyed by a Russian missile by IK Architects

The team of Kharkiv-based IK Architects presents a project for the reconstruction of Gymnasium 47, which was hit by a Russian missile on July 4, 2022.

"VILNA School can become one of the symbols of rethinking the education system and approaches to designing educational institutions," says architect Kateryna Yarova.

Visualization: IK Architects

According to her, new trends and the digitalization of the educational process are forcing a thorough reformulation of the approach to education, revising the principles of forming educational institutions, recreational spaces, and spatial design.

Visualization: IK Architects

Visualization: IK Architects

Thus, IK Architects created a project that envisages a multifunctional space that will include a laboratory, theater, gymnasium, and media studio, where music and art lessons will be held.

Visualization: IK Architects

The courtyard has sports grounds for football games and a playground. The exterior façade is made of wood, reflecting the architect's attitude to introducing ecological elements into the educational environment.

Visualization: IK Architects

Project: IK Architects

In addition, it also houses an educational center with an amphitheater for open lectures.



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