Baykar Makina purchased land in Ukraine, on which a factory for the production of bayaktars will appear

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Also, the project of the enterprise has already been developed. 

About this reports tells Ambassador to Turkey Vasyl Bodnar in an interview with RBC-Ukraine. 

"The factory will be built. Just a week ago, the government approved a bilateral agreement and sent it to the parliament for ratification, the agreement on the construction of the plant itself.

The owner of the Baikar company created his Ukrainian company in Ukraine, this company has already purchased a plot of land, they have developed the project of the plant itself and intend to implement it to the end, as it was almost a personal commitment of the owners of the company to make this production in Ukraine", - says the diplomat.

It is known that domestically produced components, for example, "engines, spare parts, wheels", etc., will be installed on a significant part of the models that will be created at the future enterprise. 

By the way, Bodnar commented on the possibility of the appearance of a factory for the production of byraktars in Russia (the day before Putin was interested in such a possibility):

"I spoke directly with one of the owners of this factory, he says that it is not that they do not have such plans, they could not even imagine such a thing."

We will remind you that the first agreements regarding the implementation of the plant construction project took place between Ukraine and Turkey back in 2021. despite the war the idea continues to be implemented - they promise that the enterprise will appear in the medium term.



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