Architects presented a prototype of a temporary house for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

Shigeru Ban Architects, in collaboration with the Voluntary Architects' Network, have perfected the concept of temporary houses to help those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

About this reports the published by ArchDaily.

Shigeru Ban's team assembled a smaller 3,6m by 3,6m temporary housing prototype in Tokyo with plans to roll out the system of temporary homes in Turkey. Such structures are designed to accommodate earthquake victims. 

Photo: Shigeru Ban Architects

The updated system uses wooden panels to build walls between columns of paper tubes placed every 1,2 meters. The foundation consists of beer crates filled with sandbags, while the roof is made of paper pipe frames and plywood decking. The floor, walls and roof are insulated.

Photo: Shigeru Ban Architects

Photo: Shigeru Ban Architects

Shigeru Ban was developing similar systems near the Ukrainian border to help refugees at the start of a full-scale invasion.

Photo: Serhii Kostianyi, temporary housing structures in Ukraine

Also a Japanese company together with architects Mykhailo Shevchenko, Oleksandra Anisimova and Oleg Drozdov helped to create emergency shelters on the territory of Ukraine to provide emergency housing for internally displaced persons.

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