An unusual house-labyrinth by Yo Shimada

Yo Shimada's firm Tato Architects designed a non-standard house in the Hokusetsu district of Osaka. The client of the project was a family that wanted to have housing that would facilitate spending time together.

Instead of adhering to the correct rectangular floor plan, Simada developed a peculiar "labyrinth" of 12 squares connected by rhombuses. Twelve rooms on the first floor and another six on the second are interspersed with multi-purpose public areas. Such a layout allows residents to plan different routes and adapt spaces to changes in lifestyle.

House in Hokusetsu. Project: Tato Architects

The concept of the house is based on the architect's conviction that the arrangement of rooms in traditional buildings imposes a certain way of life on the owners and limits them. Working on a house in Hokusetsu, Shimada wanted to explore the potential of more flexible spaces.

House plan in Hokusetsu. Project: Tato Architects

The house is located in a densely populated residential area, so it has a closed facade, which provides residents with privacy. At the same time, the building has three courtyards that allow daylight to penetrate deep into the rooms. A skylight on the roof and large windows on the first floor also guarantee good natural lighting.

House in Hokusetsu. Project: Tato Architects

Tato Architects regularly experiments with new ways of using space in residential buildings. Yes, PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA already wrote about mansion in the Japanese city of Miyamoto, which consisted of one room, divided into different functional zones.