Something different. Liebherr space innovations

Liebherr has packed all the innovative developments that were previously only used in professional appliances into the new integrated refrigerator range. This has turned the latest generation of refrigerators into a universal secret assistant - quiet, economical, environmentally friendly, and hidden behind kitchen panels.

The new HydroBreeze function protects the freshness of the fruits and vegetables in the BioFresh storage by means of a cold mist that covers the food like a veil. The IceMaker module prepares up to 130 cubes of ice per day, ensuring a successful summer garden party. The integrated InfinitySpring dispenser provides perfectly filtered cold water. The replaceable FreshAir carbon filter ensures odor-free operation.

The HydroBreeze function protects the freshness of food

InfinitySpring - a source of crystal clear cold water

Liebherr's new integrated refrigerators are controlled by the SmartDeviceBox via Wi-Fi using an intuitive algorithm. They can even remind you of drinks that were accidentally forgotten in the freezer compartment. These new models are not only smart, but also tactful. The LightTower lighting concept emphasizes all the facets of the perfect glass and stainless steel interior design, and automatically dims the lights at night thanks to NightMode.

"We didn't reinvent the refrigerator. But we almost did," is the motto of Liebherr's innovative range, which in the four Pure, Plus, Prime and Peak series captures the essence of a revolutionary upgrade. No, this is not a modernization, it is something completely new.

MIRS Corporation is the official distributor of Liebherr in Ukraine.