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PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA magazine й the organizers of the exhibition "ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICE" announce the results of the All-Ukrainian architectural business rating ArchBusiness 2019, which included 30 Ukrainian design companies.

The official announcement of the results of the ArchBusiness 2019 rating and the awarding of the first five took place on October 29 at the "Parkovy" shopping center as part of the "Architectural Practice" exhibition.


What is ArchBusiness?

There are several hundred companies engaged in architectural design in Ukraine. As competition in the industry grows, so does the professional level of architectural bureaus. We decided that it was time to evaluate them from the point of view of the quality of business processes. For this, PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA and the organizers of the "Architectural Practice" exhibition launched the first All-Ukrainian architectural business rating ArchBusiness.

Kostyantyn Kovshevatsky, Zhanna Rzhanova and Andriy Melnikov

Who could participate

All Ukrainian architectural companies could participate in the ArchBusiness rating, regardless of the number of employees and the volume of work performed by them. A mandatory condition was only the provision of architectural design services by full-time employees.

In order to get to the final list, it was necessary to fill out the questionnaire posted on the website by October 20. We received a total of 48 questionnaires, but 30 companies were included in the rating. We had to screen out the others because they: 1) are not engaged in architectural design or 2) filled out the questionnaires incorrectly.

We received a total of 48 questionnaires, but 30 companies were included in the rating

How companies were evaluated

In compiling the rating, we were not guided by a subjective opinion and not by our own preferences, but turned to the numbers. We have developed an author's assessment methodology based on key parameters that characterize the activities of architectural bureaus: the design sections that the company deals with, the share of implemented objects, the use of BIM technologies, project management, attention to PR and marketing, the company's recognition and the media coverage of its first persons, awards at competitions, etc.

We took information about the companies from the completed questionnaires, relying on the honesty and conscience of the persons who filled them out. Leading Ukrainian developers helped us rank these parameters by importance and assign a score to each of the answer options. Then we summed up all the points of each of the companies and made a rating based on the final data.


What's next?

The ArchBusiness 2019 rating was the first attempt to evaluate Ukrainian architectural companies from a business perspective. Next year, at ArchBusiness 2020, we hope to reach many more players with a larger promotional campaign. PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA and "Architectural Practice" are ready to accept proposals on how to improve the evaluation and rating methodology.


Andriy Melnikov, organizer of the "Architectural Practice" exhibition:

"ArchBusiness architectural rating is our joint brainchild with PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA. His task is not to show who is worse or better. This is a business development platform. Our global goal is for the architecture and design business to develop in the right direction. We did this specifically on the "Architectural Practice" platform so that every architect and designer feels at home here."

Andriy Melnikov

Kostyantyn Kovshevatsky, editor-in-chief of PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA:

"We at PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA try to balance in the unity of two opposites. On the one hand, we are sure that architecture becomes architecture only when people start writing about it. On the other hand, we well remember Lao Tzu's statement that beautiful words are words that lie. Therefore, when describing architecture, today we pay more and more attention to numbers. They are telling the truth."

Konstantin Kovshevatsky


"We compiled a 23-item questionnaire that took into account various parameters. For example, design departments: if the company can take over all departments, then it is clear that it is better for the customer than to contact eight different places. In order to assess the popularity of the company, we checked the number of mentions of it on the Web (for this we asked for all spellings of the name). They proceeded from the fact that it is difficult to call an architect an architect when he works at a desk, so they took into account the ratio of the number of implemented objects to the total number of designed ones.

Zhanna Rzhanova

We contacted the developers to find out which of the parameters are more important to them, concluding that it is the customers who will use the business rating. Since there was no grading system before us, we had to make sure we got the marks right for each question.

Therefore, we tested our questionnaire on three architectural companies. ArchBusiness 2019 is the first trial bullet. But there will definitely be a continuation. Next year, we will have more time to prepare, we will be able to attract more platforms for PR and, as a result, we will attract more participants."


Final list of the best architectural companies of Ukraine according to ArchBusiness 2019:

  1. archimatika
  2. BIP-PM
  3. AVG
  4. Sergey Makhno Architects
  5. AVR Development
  6. UAT
  7. mass
  8. "MODE"
  9. BAUST
  10. büro A24D
  11. ZOTOV&CO
  12. Savytskyy Design
  13. AV Architects
  14. Bogdanova Bureau
  16. Studio
  17. Peker & Partners
  18. Studio 68 / 32
  19. Lab181
  20. "World of Projects"
  21. Project7
  22. One M2 Architects
  23. VA Group
  24. Vanash Urban Lawyers
  25. "Zhenya Zasutskyi and team"
  26. IK-architects
  27. Maleyev ArtSight
  28. Life House Building
  29. HeykoDesign

Zhanna Rzhanova (PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA), Kostyantyn Kovshevatsky (PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA), Kateryna Onachuk (archimatika), Dmytro Vasiliev (archimatika) and Andriy Melnikov ("Architectural practice")

Vitaly Voinalovich (BIP-PM)

Ceremonial announcement of the results of the ArchBusiness 2019 rating at the "Parkovy" CES at the "Architectural Practice" exhibition

Kostyantyn Kovshevatsky (PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA) and Kateryna Berest (AVG Group)

Roman Romanets and Volodymyr Yosypchuk (AVR Development)

Kseniya Kovalchuk from büro A24D, which took XNUMXth place in the ArchBusiness rating, and Zhanna Rzhanova (PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA)