PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA. Big multiplier

February 2022

"The Big Multiplier" - that's what we called the 38th volume of PRAGMATIKA.MEDIA, which went to the printer a few days before the full-scale Russian invasion. Without assuming the scale of destruction that awaits Ukraine, we devoted the beginning of 2022 to the analysis of trends and forecasts in design, urban planning and lifestyle. We would rather dig trenches.

And yet. The world then still promised to become kinder, brighter and more caring for those who are vulnerable. Become inclusive. Creativity remained the main accelerator of development and the magical multiplier that multiplies benefits. Inhumans with their inhuman plans were not in these predictions. It can be considered a prognostic crash. But you can look at it in another way.

Yes, given the new reality, some of the messages from the February materials will now sound naive, but we would like to preserve them as an example of normality and a reference point for returning to normal life with discussions about what to do with urban traffic jams and chaotic construction. Like a kind of door that will surely open after the inevitable victory.

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