Graphisoft localization. Long-awaited news for BIM designers

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The Hungarian company GRAPHISOFT, a leader in software for architects, adds a Ukrainian translation to the ARCHICAD 24 software package. This will significantly facilitate the process of BIM design for Ukrainian architects, since localization implies the translation of not only the interface, but also props and libraries.

Over the past year, the number of licensed users of the ARCHICAD 24 software package in Ukraine has grown dramatically. The reason is not only that due to the pandemic, cloud technologies have become more in demand. The advantages of VIM design have long been appreciated in the most progressive Ukrainian architectural and engineering construction companies.

Reality capture technologies combine three-dimensional modeling with physical space. Digital design is actively used in reconstruction projects, simplifying the integration of architectural additions to the context.

UNIT.City, Kyiv. Visualization. Archimatika project

UNIT.City, Kyiv. Archimatika project

The detailed detailing of the real environment allows architects to confidently rely on digital plans. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) simplify the interaction of architects with clients and contractors. Modern visualization of projects with the help of computer images and virtual reality allows customers to get acquainted with the new object even before the start of construction. Integrating Internet of Things (IoT) devices into architectural planning helps track the life cycle of buildings. All these possibilities are "sewn" into the ARCHICAD 24 software package.

As reported by the company GRAPHISOFT Center Ukraine, an authorized distributor of GRAPHISOFT products in Ukraine, the translation is carried out from the original English version without the use of the Russian version, which will preserve the exact meaning of each word.