Fabrice Osset: "Don't lose curiosity and openness to the world"

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The 12 best quotes from the master according to PRO DECÒ 2021 listeners

A recent international design conference PRO DECÒ 2021, which I was lucky enough to co-organize, gave me the opportunity to get a dose of deep, like the ocean, conversations with those who create modern design. We talked about interiors and the people who live in them, about the creative processes that make up the profession, about life itself. One of the honored guests of the conference was a famous French architect Fabrice Osse. (Fabric Ausset).

DPLG architect, scenographer and interior designer (licensed by the French government) Fabrice Osset is a master of multi-layered yet balanced spaces. He creates interiors that exquisitely combine nature, technology and elusive, but obvious "Parisian chic". His philosophical approach "nature is a model for design" breathes life not only into new unique rooms, but also into new decorative objects of collectible design.

Interior by designer and architect Fabrice Osse

In this material, I would like to share the aesthetic pleasure that arises during communication with the master's works, illustrating his method with photographs of objects and interior objects created by the architect's studio in different years with the help of artisan jewelers in his field in many corners of Europe and the world .

Our conversation with Fabrice during the PRO DECÒ 2021 conference was built around the same concept of “Parisian chic”. I asked about how French decorators manage to create eclectic and lively interiors, a little "untidy", but very sophisticated. In response, I heard a whole lecture-novel, which is almost impossible to recount. From our dialogue with Fabrice, I tried to select the most interesting thoughts, just like when you want to select something important from the materials of an encyclopedic reference.

I didn't want to impose my conclusions, somewhat transforming the perception of the designer's thoughts, but on the contrary, to provide an opportunity for everyone to understand the creator independently, to get food for the brain. The result of this "selection" was 12 statements by Fabrice Osset, which particularly touched me and found a response in the hearts of the conference listeners. It was they who were quoted most often when making screenshots in Instagram stories, the number of which, by the way, was huge — we couldn’t even list them all and at a certain time we lost count of the 74th…

12 quotes from the French Decorator with a capital "D" Monsieur Fabrice Osset:

  1. "French chic is not a style. It is an approach that includes the ability to combine a rich cultural heritage with a modern context."
  2. "Paris is not the only capital of the world, every city has the potential for cultural exchange."
  3. "The interior should be created with the potential to change. This is extremely important, because a person quickly gets tired of monotony."
  4. "At the root of everything are our hearts and brains. And the engine of everything is desire."
  5. "You should not confuse haste and speed."
  6. "A novel is not written by a pen, and the interior is not made by tools."
  7. "Creativity is impossible without funding, one must be able to find funding in order to continue to reveal and develop creativity."
  8. "Technology provides great opportunities for innovative creative product."
  9. "Don't lose curiosity and openness to the world. When I travel, I always get to know the folk crafts of the region."
  10. "Sometimes in a dialogue with a master, you can find a solution that does not quite correspond to your original idea, but this very solution will greatly enrich the final result."
  11. "Everyone has their own concept of luxury, but the concept of "quality" is quite accurate, we know exactly what we are talking about."
  12. "Each generation invents its favorite position."


Interiors by Fabrice Osset
Interiors by Fabrice Osset

I hope these complex, multi-component, multi-layered interiors and luxurious biomorphic objects, combined with quotes from the conversation, will awaken in your creative self even more design adventurism, decorator observation, desire to interact and create!


Text: Anastasia Biletska